The answer to why Mallorca has a simple answer: how could we not?

This island is not only a world wonder, but also a paradise for those sport lovers with personal drive. Whether your passion is the land, sea, or air, Mallorca will definitely win you over.

At Nactive we feel totally identified with and attached to the island, we think of it as ours, as something that shapes us. You could say Mallorca and Nactive go hand in hand, since we are Mallorquin natives, and we share values and an innate passion to offer happiness through sport practices. Undoubtedly, it’s the perfect enclave for a project like Nactive and for you to be active.


Are you thrilled by speleology or escalade? Or would you rather tour up the mountains with your pedals or roaring engines? In this Balearic Island you can enjoy almost any sport. However, if you are mostly a fan of the land, you are spot on. There are striking mountains that become the ideal go-to place for those who want to practice cycling, escalade, automotive or motorcycling sports, as well as legendary golf courses, prodigious caves and grottoes for speleologists, and impressive routes worthy of any running race or marathon.


Mallorca is the jewel of the Mediterranean, and so we have plenty of water sports. If your ideal trip revolves around practicing your skills above or under the sea, you’ll definitely be able to do so here. Its crystal-blue waters and the soft Mediterranean breeze paint the perfect scenario both to practice scuba diving or to break through the waves while doing kite or paddle surf.

Some of the most popular water sport options to practice in Mallorca are boat sailing, scuba diving, canoeing or kayaking, kite surf or windsurf. Nevertheless, whichever your sport is, we will ensure that you can practice it to its full potential.